Next Fur’Lille event : 15-16 July 2017

Midi : Restaurant
12:00 : Restaurant
14h00 : Laser-game -> end : 16h30 (priority for people using public transports)
16h30 : Travel to the hotel (car (15min) + Subway ~1h)
17h30 : Hotel
18h15 : Group photo + fursuit outing in the parc nearby
20h00 : Restaurant (go where you want, there are many places around the hotel)

Sunday :
09h45 : Departure to the park (car(~20min) ou bus (~50min))
10h15 : Park, car with their plates registered can go inside on the private parking (you have to show your badge). People using public transport have to show their badges at the reception (pre-paid entry) – Meeting on the private parking
11h15 : Beginning of the fursuit outing
13h00 : End of the fursuit outing
13h30 : Lunch (brewery or picnic)
14h30 : Second fursuit outing (if you dare !)
17h00 : Early departure. If needed you can walk to the train station (1.7km)
18h00 : Official end