Next Fur’Lille event : 13-14 July 2019

Midi : Restaurant
12:00 : Restaurant
14h00 : Laser-game -> end : 16h30 (priority for people using public transports)
16h30 : Travel to the hotel (car (15min) + Subway ~1h)
17h30 : Hotel
18h15 : Group photo + fursuit outing in the parc nearby (Fursuit Twister)
20h00 : Restaurant (go where you want, there are many places around the hotel)

Sunday :
09h45 : Departure to the park (car(~20min) ou bus (~50min))
10h15 : Park – Meeting on the public parking
11h15 : Beginning of the fursuit outing
13h00 : End of the fursuit outing
13h30 : Lunch (brewery or picnic)
14h30 : Second fursuit outing (if you dare !)
17h00 : Early departure. If needed you can walk to the train station (1.7km)
18h00 : Official end